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Accordion Reeds

Upgrade Your Accordion Reeds

The best way to improve your sound without breaking the bank with a new professional model accordion, is to upgrade your instrument with a new set of professional quality Italian reeds. Your accordion may be old, or it just has cheap reedplates from China. Either way, you get a new set of reedplates and have a brand new sounding instrument in your favourite accordion. It's a much cheaper way to upgrade your instrument rather than buying a better accordion.

The reeds are handmade in Italy and Reedworks can customise your tuning and requirements to suit. All assembly, layout, tuning and rewaxing is done in the Reedworks workshop in Sydney, Australia.

Tony Peri is an experienced tuner and your accordion will sound dramatically better. The reeds not only sound better than the cheaper made ones, but they last longer too. Tremolo and musette tunings can be customised to suit.

Any brand piano accordion can be fitted out. There are 3 levels of quality of reed plates available.

For diatonic reed sets, there are strict minimum order quotas from the factories in Italy. They are more expensive for this reason.

To discuss your ideas and options further, contact Tony at Reedworks.

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