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Castagnari Accordions


Made to order bespoke and customised accordions, direct from the Castagnari factory in Italy.

Specialising in diatonic button accordions.

Now available in Australia.

Castagnari Accordions For Sale:

CASTAGNARI: Tradition Preserves The Future


Castagnari accordions and melodeons are made in Castelnuovo, one of the oldest districts of Recanati, in Italy. The Castagnari family have been making accordions since 1914 from an artisan workshop, where for over 100 years, industrious hands and thinking heads have been creating the most beautiful of accordions. Today, Castagnari are known for making the finest diatonic accordions in the world. Each accordion is hand made to order and can be customised to fit the creative hands of any musician.

"Castagnari's contribution to the evolution of the diatonic accordion is not simply linked to technological advance. On the contrary, it deals with the love for the instrument and the empathy with musicians: this is a working attitude that seeks to consolidate what already exists and to make it better."


Castagnari has become a respected firm worldwide thanks to their superbly finished and perfectly tuned instruments, which are appreciated everywhere for their unique and distinctive sound.

Castagnari Accordions, Made in Italy. Rome. Colliseum.

All Castagnari Accordions Available To Order

"Tradition Preserves The Future"
All Castagnari accordions are available to order to your specifications and choice of options, layouts, woods and add-on features.

Accordions can take 1 to 3 months to make, though models are in constant production.
You can choose your key, wood, bass and treble layouts and add thirds stop buttons and amplification if required. 
Sales Enquiries, questions and orders, please email Tony Peri:

For more information on Castagnari accordions visit their website
or contact Tony to obtain a full colour catalogue (with added information).

All Castagnari accordions sold by Reedworks come with a 1 year factory warranty and are personally checked before delivery to you. Reedworks Pty Ltd is the authorised importer and distributor of Castagnari Accordions in Australia.


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