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Accordéons Saltarelle

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Since 1984 Saltarelle have been working with musicians to provide a range of accordions, constantly refining their instruments in accordance with musicians needs. The instruments are designed in France and made for fast response and are light to handle. Featuring Italian made reeds and beautiful timbers, the Saltarelle range of diatonic and chromatic accordions are now available in Australia through Reedworks.


There are 40 models of Saltarelle accordions and they come in Diatonic (stepped keyboard); Diatonic (Flat Keyboard); Chromatic Button or Piano Accordion styles

For more information or enquiries about ordering you instrument of choice, prices and options, contact Tony Peri at Reedworks.


*Some models are ready at the factory and take 3-4 weeks to arrive; however most are custom made to order.
This usually takes 3-4 months.

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