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"Keeping The World In Tune"

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Birds & music - It's all about being in the right place, at the right time...

Tony Peri is the owner and director of Reedworks Pty Limited

"I have always had a great love for music. Starting with basic trumpet and piano lessons at the age of 9 and 10, I soon found my mum's Beatles and Elvis records and started the backwards path through Rock&Roll to the Blues. At the age of 18 I took up the Blues harmonica and began a lifelong love affair with the instrument and music, which evolves and grows every day of my life.


I quickly started my own Chicago blues band called "Suitcase Blues" and soon after started the Sydney Blues Society at the age of 22. I interviewed great bluesmen like William Clarke, Rod Piazza, Paul de Lay and R.J. Mischo. But meeting and interviewing B.B. King at the Hilton Hotel was the most exciting and memorable occasion.

My love of harmonicas and Blues music led me to working as a radio presenter on 2MBS-FM, on the legendary "Stormy Monday" radio show with Austin Harrison, Chris Rhule & Chris Dell. That gig lasted 13 years and I've many happy memories of the 'live to air' shows we did. My most treasured live on air interview was with the late Jackie Orszáczky. But sadly, I didn't think to tape it. So it is a distant memory for me now.

It was during the mid-1990s that I also started doing harmonica repairs for Kurt Jacob & Co. They have been the Hohner distributors in Australia since 1938 when the company was set up by Kurt Jacob himself.


In 2009 I lived in Italy for 3 months. Around this time I was also a professional photographer and the foremost expert in the Bromoil printing process, holding a number of fine Art photography exhibitions in Australia. The discipline and artisan nature of my vintage photography pursuits, where Science and Art met on the bench top in a darkroom and studio, prepared me well for my development as an artisan instrument repairer. Tuning of musical instruments is all Art & Science and finding the perfect balance is what I love about my work today.

In 2012 I started working at KJ Music full time and took on the numerous roles of warehouse manager, logistics and clarinet repairs, whilst still doing my own harmonica repairs after hours. This is when I began my passion for repairing accordions alongside handling all the Hohner harmonica repairs and inquiries that I would get each day.

Today I am passionate and highly enthusiastic about becoming a great accordion repairer and tuner. Over many years of testing, researching, listening and studying instruments and repairs, my experience and attention to detail gives my customers and clients a quality service and product they can rely on.

In 2020, I expanded my professional outlook by setting up my repair business as a Private Australian Company, Reedworks Pty Ltd. I have been granted sole distribution rights for the beautiful Castagnari accordion line from Italy. These are your - and my - dream accordions!  Now they are available in Australia again.


My goal for you is to be the best accordion tuner in the land and to keep doing it for a long time! 

In my spare time, I hope to improve my melodeon playing. I always enjoy playing some jazz guitar or blues harmonica. I love listening to European folk music. There is always another amazing musician and album to discover and listen to on my stereo valve amplifier and record player. I also listen to and look for birds, record frog calls for science, plant trees for pleasure and ponder Art museums, galleries and oil paintings.

Thank you for visiting my page. The above is a little bit of my story. If you have any questions or need further information on my repairs, or accordion sales, please feel free to contact me.

- Tony Peri

Sydney, Australia


Photographing in the back streets of Firenze, Italy in 2009

"One positive beats a thousand negatives"

- Mr Peri

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