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There are two options for reed plates: First you can buy them and fit them yourself; or, if you prefer, I can fit new reed plates to your harmonica for you. This includes checking everything is working and making any necessary fine adjustments. This especially important on chromatic harmonicas. Many times the mouth piece is not assembled correctly. Wooden comb bodies can be difficult to assemble also. So its up to you.


Replacing your harmonica's reed plates is a great option. All the rest of the instrument is generally working, so you can start anew with new reed plates at approx. two-thirds' the cost of buying a whole new instrument. When your car needs new tyres, you don't buy another car. Repair or replacement parts are a good option. You decide if you want to do it yourself, or have a professional setup.


Below are the options for you and a bit more more information on the type of reed plates you can get and when to get them.


Tony Peri Hohner Harmonica Repairs Sydney Australia
Chromatic Reed Plates
Tony Peri Harmonica Repairs Australia

As chromatic harmonicas are much more expensive than diatonic harmonicas, it is usually better to get your harmonica repaired first before going out and buying new reed plates, just because 'something doesn't work'. The time to think about a whole new set of reed plates is when you've really worn out most of the harmonica from playing, and replacing individual reeds becomes ineffective as the other reeds continually need doing as well.


Some players like to try new keys or modify top and bottom plates. This might be where new reed plates are required also.


Some models use screws to afix the reed plate to the comb. But others with wooden combs use pins or nails. If the comb is old, cracked or warped you might need help getting it all together.


Diatonic Reed Plates
Hohner Harmonica Repairs

10-hole Hohner Diatonic reed plate sets (there's a top and bottom plate) are available in all the Hohner models on the market today coming out of Germany. This includes the Marine Band Classic, Deluxe, Crossover and Thunderbird models; The Modular System (MS) series of Blues Harps, Pro Harps, Big River and Meisterklasse; and the Progressive line of Special 20, Golden MelodyRocket and Rocket Amp harps. All 12 keys are available.


Most models have screws to attach the plates. You must be careful to use the correct size comb to match the key, as the reeds will hit the comb if you fit a G reed plate to a short slot comb. But if you replace key for key as you bought it, you won't have any trouble.


Contact me if you wish to buy any new Hohner factory reed plates, made in Germany.


Types of Hohner Diatonic Harmonicas
Marine Band Series Harmonicas
MS-Series (Modular System) Harmonicas
Progressive Series Harmonicas

Types of Hohner Diatonic Harmonicas


Hohner Reed Plates

Marine Band Classic 1896


Marine Band Deluxe


Marine Band Crossover


Marine Band Thunderbird


Hohner MS series Reed Plates

Blues Harp MS


Pro Harp MS


Meisterklasse MS


Cross Harp MS


Big River MS


Hohner Progressive Series Harmonicas

Special 20




Rocket Amp


Golden Melody



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