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New Accordions For Sale
Made by the Best Artisans & Craftsmen
from Castelfidardo & Recanati, in Italy

Australian Distributor for:
CASTAGNARI • Voci Armoniche •
relle • Excellenz • Cappriccio

• Hand-made Italian Reeds • Custom-Tunings & Tremolo • Unique Models & Set-ups
• Diatonic Accordions/Melodeons •  Chromatic Button/Piano Accordions - All Made In Italy
• Your Choice of Features, Colours and Italian Reed Types
  • Branded Accordion Cases, Gigbags, Straps, & Parts also available on order.
You can inquire about instruments on the shelf ready to go, or choose your own options and get a unique, customised instrument.
More Stock Coming Soon, including Used and Consignment stock for sale
* Please note, prices listed in red under each photo are the base price - other options may be more or less expensive. Click the photos for further information. Out of Stock items may be ordered at any time by emailing with your requests. If you do not see what you want, contact Reedworks and we will help you get the accordion you want to play. All parts & accessories are made in Italy or Germany.
All orders are done in house, not through the shopping cart online. Contact Tony to place an order.


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