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Custom Orders of Piano Accordions available at any time for beginners or professionals. The only stipulation is that they are made in Italy.


Customise your accordion, made to order.


  • Type: Piano Accordion/Chromatic Button Accordion/Diatonic Button Accordion
  • Colour: Black, White, Red or Blue. Other colours possible if available.
  • Reed type: Super Durall, Tipo A Mano or A Mano
  • Keyboard Colours/bass button colours
  • Bellows colours: External tape/internal folds
  • Voicing: 2x, 3x, or 4 reed voicings/ 4x or 5x bass reed voicings
  • Casotto reed chamber for 120 and 140 bass professional models.
  • Tuning: Wet or Dry tremolo; A440Hz or A443Hz.
  • Decorations, rhinestones and nameplates
  • Professional microphone system installed. 
  • Coloured leather shoulder straps, bellows straps & bass straps: Black, Red, Brown, Blue, White.


For amatuers and professionals, you can have the accordion you want, Made in Italy, with high quality parts and workmanship. Choose the size and quality and price range to suit you.


Reedworks will help you through the whole selection process. Email us for a quote.   Prices start at approximately $4,700.00 for a 48 bass accordion.


Standard specification accordions take 1-2 months to be ready. More customised accordions can take from 2-9 months to build, depending on demand and the production process required. 


Some production stock is already built and may be available with delivery available in 2 weeks.


* Note: The price listed here is the starting price and is only an indication of the smallest base model price for illustrative purposes of the ordering process. Each accordion will be quoted individually based on features selected. All accordions come with shoulder straps and case/gigbag as standard.


** Your quoted price includes all shipping, insurance, import duties and GST. There is nothing more to pay (except for credit card or paypal fees if you choose those payment methods). Bank transfers do not have any extra fees.

Custom Made Accordions To Order

Shoulder Straps
Bass Strap
Bellows Straps
Accordions are custom made to order. Contact Reedworks via email or phone for personal attention.
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