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I have been repairing harmonicas professionally for Hohner in Australia, via Kurt Jacob & Co. (K.J. Music), since 1995. As well as my own private work, I do all the Hohner harmonica warranty repairs from across Australia.


Most of my repair work is done on Hohner chromatic harmonicas. I have access to all parts from the Hohner factory in Germany. As well, a deep knowledge of the right parts and how to put things together to make it all sound good again. There are not too many harmonicas I cannot fix.


Quotes are free, but I need to see the instrument first. The cost of repairs is always done in consideration of the value of the instrument. Unless its an historic or collectible piece, the cost of the repair won't be more than the value of the instrument. 


When sending your instrument in for repair, make a note of any specific problems you are having. For example, "blow 7 hole is sluggish", or "draw 2 does not sound at all" etc.  This helps me identify the problem quickly and work out what problem you may be having.


All harmonicas and every note are tested by me, and meticulous care is taken to check the instrument is in good playing order before being sent back to you. Any problems - please contact me straight away to work out if their is a fault still or not.


As well as my main expertise of specialising in harmonicas, I also tune and repair accordions, concertinas and melodicas. See my other pages on repairs for more information on these instruments, or contact me via email.

- Tony Peri



Custom Hohner Harmonica Repairs Sydney Australia

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Hohner Harmonica Repairs Sydney Australia
Hohner Harmonica repairs Tony Peri
Hohner Custom Reed Plates

* Custom Tunings Available Again For 2021.

Chromatic Harmonicas

I repair all Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas from the pre-war era to the latest models. Discontinued models such as the CBH and early Meisterklasse chromatic are serviceable, though some parts are no longer supplied by Hohner. A typical restoration and tuneup to good playing condition includes cleaning, new wind savers where required, and setup without air leaks for better playing. Most repairs cost in the range of $140-190, though this depends on parts required and the condition of the instrument. If required, I can change reeds and tune them. If asked, new reed plate sets can be fitted instead. 


Some people would just like their grandfather's harmonica cleaned up and restored to a shiny stage for the mantle-piece. This is a cheaper option - and I am happy to do this for you, if a full restoration to playing condition is not required or practical.


Due to the expensive nature of most Chromatic harmonicas, it is totally worth getting them repaired when they no longer play properly anymore. It is much cheaper than buying a new harmonica. And like most brass and woodwind instruments, you should have your instrument serviced and cleaned at some point in its life.



Hohner Harmonicas and Other Brands

My specialty and expertise is working on Hohner harmonicas. I have a big inventory of parts available in my workshop. When needed, I have direct access to Hohner parts from Germany in regular monthly shipments.


I have also been asked by my customers, retailers and importers to work on and repair other chromatic harmonicas by Suzuki, Hering, Seydel and others. I have limited supplies of parts for all these models, so their repair depends on what work will be required and the parts needed. Contact me to see what is required. But they are still harmonicas, so generally it is not a problem to fix them up for you. Turnaround time is currently about 2-4 weeks.


Harmonica Repairs Australia Tony Peri
Diatonic Harmonicas

Repairs of diatonic harmonicas are usually only done if it is worth it. Sometimes the reed is stuck with a hair, or the gaps need adjusting slightly. But if the reeds are 'blown' or really out of tune, you are probably better off buying new reed plates. I have done batch jobs of 5 or 10 harps at once which is more cost effective. And repaired top end diatonics like the Meisterklasse, Crossover and Thunderbirds. If it's just one reed, we can do it - but you have to watch the cost.



I also get asked to do custom tunings. Tune to equal temperament, just temperament, minor keys or custom layouts of your choice. It's best if we start with a new harmonica, which either you or I can supply. Go to my custom tunings page for more information on what's available and on which Hohner harmonicas these are available on. In short, any tuning you want to customize is available.


Hohner Harmonicas and Other Brands

I mainly work on Hohner harmonicas and have limited parts for other brands. The general principle is the same however - if a reed is blown (ie out of tune by more than a semi-tone) you need a new reed or new set of reed plates. That is a cheaper option than buying a whole new harmonica again. Turnaround time is usually 1-2 months for custom made tunings and depends on the changes required.

Custom Harmonica Tunings Available From Reedworks.

Hohner Tremolo Harmonica
Hohner Harmonica Repairs Sydney Australia
Hohner Tremolo Harmonicas
Tremolo harmonicas are complex instruments that require a lot of work to tune and repair - though they are easy to play!  Generally the best option is to have a new set of reed plates fitted if reeds are broken. This is not easy to do yourself however, as there are many double-sided models and they attach to wooden combs. Once I see the instrument in the hand I can assess the best way to go. Keep in mind however, it is not worth repairing a cheap Big Valley Tremolo or something similar, which retails for only $25.00  A number of models are only in production for a limited time as well, so best to contact me first by email to ask what needs to be done.


Hohner Octave-Tuned Harmonicas

The range of Hohner octave-tuned harmonicas are similar to their tremolo brothers. Two rows of reeds sound in every hole. Some models, like the Auto-Harp, use valves and are certainly serviceable. However, reed plates and parts are limited, depending on the model, so they are not always worth fixing in that case. But if its a favourite harp of yours, we can do something with it if you like.

Hohner Orchestral Harmonica Repairs
Hohner Orchestral Bass & Chord Harmonicas

The Hohner Bass and Chord harmonicas are able to be repaired. Hohner parts, if required, are available if needed. Due to the size of these instruments, repair and servicing is more costly than working on a chromatic harmonica. Cost will depend on what work is required and time to fix it. Contact me to discuss this further. Some older models have different parts to the new versions. However, I have some of these parts in my workshop. Turnaround time is 2-8 weeks.



Hohner Melodica Tuning & Repairs
Hohner Melodicas

Hohner invented the Melodica in the 1960s. These instruments are generally cheap to buy and old models have a limited supply of parts. But I am able to service and fix Hohner Melodicas. They are a cross between an accordion and a harmonica - there's a keyboard, but they have a free reed that moves by blowing air. I still have people bringing in their old Hohner models from the Sixties who ask for them to be fixed up. These are made of metal casing instead of plastic. The reeds and reedplates are still made of brass.



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