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Customer feedback:
"Thank you so much Tony for the fantastic work undertaken on my Pigini Concert Accordion. Having had to make adjustments to my playing from 2016 to accommodate tuning issues and reed issues, I am finally able to enjoy making music and performing on my accordion again. I wish I had taken my accordion to you earlier and would have enjoyed the last years of playing music instead of fighting an instrument. You have been prompt, thorough and have also kept meticulous detail of the work you have undertaken. Professional and at all times courteous you have provided excellent service. I cannot recommend you enough." (May 2024)
- Dr Elizabeth Jones, Head of Music and Academic Studies, Academy of Music and Performing Arts; Private Tutor and Performer.
"Hi Tony, Thanks for repairing my harmonica. It's now playing beautifully." - N.D.
"Tony, I received my Hohner (accordion) back today, it sounds beautiful!  I've been taken back to 1958, it sounds like new!  Thank you so much!!" - P.S.
"Hi Tony, Thank you so much for doing this (restoration). I have received the accordion and am absolutely ecstatic about it. Thank you for helping me remember my Dad." - M.G.
"Tony, I picked up the [new accordion] straps today. They are perfect. Thank you!" - A.C. (Jan.2024)
"Tony, The accordion sounds wonderful!  Thank you. It is like I was learning to ride a slightly knackered old horse, and now I have a new animal that is living and responding under my fingers. Thank you for your attention to cleaning, refreshing, embossing the bass buttons - and re-repairing. Unfortunately, I am just as slow at learning to play as ever.   Still, the new accordion is major incentive to keep going.  
Thanks again." P.F. (January 2024)
"Tony!  The melodica sounds amazing!  I love the drone and oscillation holding down the first two C’s. Killer. Thanks heaps!" - J.W.
​"Concertina plays a heck of a lot better Tony!  Musica Viva!" - R.S.
"Hi Tony
Many thanks for the wonderful job you did on my little accordian. It sounds great and looks good too with it’s beautiful new straps. You also improved my navigational skills, me not realising I could post it!  I was very impressed by your honest appraisal and realistic quote, not to mention your taste in cars!" - A.K.
"Thanks so much Tony. Received my accordion in the mail today. It sounds sooooo great." - A.C.
Hi again Tony,
You have done a magnificent job on my harmonica. It plays beautifully. I had forgotten just how good it is. Thank you so much. It was well worthwhile. - L.G.
"Just another happy customer!  In the life of this musician, with a career that spans over five decades... I have just taken ownership of a handcrafted, personally customised piano accordion. It is the Italian made CAPRICCIO III, exclusively distributed by REEDWORKS in Australia. From the moment I saw and played it, I knew I was dealing with something special, in looks, quality and construction, in tonal range, action and playability. It is simply superb and a total joy to engage. 'Second to none' and 'top of the class' falls short in describing what this beast has to offer. It is built for a lifetime of musical excellence!"  - H.J.F
Hi Tony & Bel,
Thanks for your help so far. The instrument [Excelsior 940M accordion] has received almost undivided attention since it arrived and I’m grateful for the good repair work done. All working just fine thank you. - M.C.
Hi Tony, Just a quick note to say the accordion arrived on Friday.  You did an amazing makeover - I hardly recognised it as it looks like new.  The sound is phenomenal and the wind pressure nothing like its original leaky condition.   Its as if the instrument is brand new... Thank-you!  - M.K.
"Hi Tony, Absolutely delighted with my Special 20's you've returned to me today... will give you a big rap on facebook... Will send you more over time if that's ok." - B.B.
"Hi Tony, I've been playing the [two] accordions a bit in the last few days and they sound great. Thanks so much for doing such a good job with the tuning. I'm really happy with them." - A.C.
"Hi Tony, Just thought that I would let you know that the Harmonica arrived today. It’s really playing beautifully and those adjustments you made are great. Thanks again. I’ll be sure to send in my other Harmonica’s for a service to you soon too." - P.F.
"Thank you - my harmonica arrived this morning and I am so pleased with the results of your work - it is now a lovely keepsake. I will play it with pleasure and appreciation for a wonderful Dad, and thanks that you made it possible."
Sincerely, J. E.
"Hello Tony, Thank you so much. A wonderful job on the Harmonica. My brother left it to me,
so in his memory I want to learn how to play...Thanks again mate, love it, looks great."
Regards C.H.
"Hi Tony,
I received my 3 Chromatics by registered mail yesterday and opened the parcel with great anticipation.
The old ‘Chromatica 64’ and the ‘Larry Adler Professional 16’ have been given a whole new life, sounding and playing better than I can ever remember – beautifully restored & perfectly tuned. They will both be getting a lot more use from now on. What can I say about my new ‘Super 64X’. What a mess it was in; I knew it had problems, but over 30 faults !!!!  I will be letting Hohner know as they certainly have some major challenges with their ‘Quality Control’ ????
Thanks to your knowledge of these great instruments and wonderful craftsmanship my ‘Super 64X’ now plays and sounds as it was intended. And all this time and effort you put in, at an extremely competitive cost …. You obviously love your harmonicas!  After receiving my harmonicas back from you, I sat and played them all in turn; the ‘64’ then the ‘L A Professional’ then finally the ‘Super’ (now finally a true ‘Super’), firstly acoustic then mic’d up. The full rich sounds of the ‘Super’ when amped - especially the low octave – is now a great pleasure. I was enjoying playing my “new” chro’s so much that 3 hours had passed before I realized. I will definitely be recommending your services to my fellow Newcastle Harmonica club members and can organise to put a link from our site to yours if you would like. Once again Tony, a huge thankyou. Regards" - R. M.
"Nice work! Thanks." - D.N.
"Thank you so much for the excellent, professional job you did on my Harmonica. I believe it is better now than new. Thank you so much” - H.F.
"Tony, sincere thanks for an excellent job" - P.R.
"Tony, cheque in the post today - Harp is just terrific!"  - M.A.
"Hi Tony,  I received my Harmonica today.  Thank you. You did a fantastic job on the
repair.  It arrived just in time, since I have show to perform this weekend.
I tried it out and now it is really a (super 64)!!!  Thanks again." - L.L.
Tony Peri & Accordion, Reedworks Accordion Repairs, with his Figaro classic car
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