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Accordion Insurance Claims

If you need an assessment or quote for an accordion insurance claim, Reedworks can provide a professional quote and estimate of the damage and costs of repairs.

Damage to an accordion, that may be covered by your insurance company, includes flood damage, fire, smoke or for a recovered instrument after burglary or theft. An assessment of damage can also include accessories such as straps or a case.

Quotes are free and assessments can usually be provided within one week. Your damaged accordion must be personally inspected in the Reedworks workshop for a written quote.

Accordions for insurance quotes can be sent from any State or Territory in Australia. Our workshop is based in Lalor Park, in Western Sydney. Freight and delivery costs are your responsibility, though this can be covered in your policy claim as well.

For more information, or to book an insurance assessment, contact Tony or Bel at Reedworks:

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