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Accordion Amplification

Installation of professional quality accordion microphone pickup systems is now available at Reedworks. The top of the line Sennheiser microphone pickup is the recommended unit for accordions.

There are two sizes available. Large and small. One for small accordions - covers 48, 60 & 72 bass piano accordions + 2 & 3 row diatonic.

This setup has 2 volume controls, one for the bass and the other for the treble reeds. You can easily balance the volume between the two.

The larger Sennheiser mic unit covers the wider keyboards of larger piano and chromatic button accordions. It also has 2 volume controls with individual pickups in the bass and treble chambers. The whole system is installed inside your accordion with only a 1/4" jack on the outside visible.

The microphone pickup is Made in Italy. Once installed you can plug into a keyboard amplifier or PA and use pre-amp effects if you like.

Contact Reedworks for more information and pricing.

Tony Peri.

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