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Saltarelle & Dino Baffetti Factory Fire in Italy

I received the bad news yesterday from Vince Roux, the owner/designer of Saltarelle accordions, that their factory in Castelfidardo, Italy, burnt down last week. The french designed accordions were made in the Dino Baffetti Factory, so they too have lost everything in the workshop.

Vince says their woodwork machines and some sample models survived.

"But basically everything else is destroyed. All the stock of accordions and spare pieces are gone."

Both companies plan to rebuild and restart, but it is a devastating setback for them. Needless to say, production and orders are currently on hold. They hope to start things up before the end of the year if possible.

"We’re going to get back on track as soon as possible, but right now it is very difficult to give a timeline."

There were no reports of people being injured. The fire is being investigated as to its cause.

There is some limited stock with dealers and Saltarelle in France and Europe. But no new orders can be made right now.

We wish them well and hope they can recover and start back again soon. Once we receive further updates we will let you know later in the year when orders are open again.

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