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Reedworks' Repairs on Bass Mechanisms and Buttons on Accordions

If you have a problem with the left hand side of your accordion - where the bass notes are played - the best thing to do is to not mess around inside with the mechanism. Send it to a professional technician for servicing.

Here at Reedworks we can disassemble a bass mechanism and put it back together. But if you try it and damage the parts, its quite likely that the whole mechanism will need replacing with a new one.

Some of the biggest repairs we do are fixing up the mistakes of other people.

Sometimes a problem can be resolved in a few minutes. At other times it can be a few hours work.

There is only one way all the 120 levers go into place. If you think you have a problem with your bass buttons or a leak, get it serviced. Accordions are complicated and expensive instruments. Its worth it.

Other repairs and upgrades we can do on accordion basses is to replace broken bass buttons, and add markers to the C and E button notes for playing reference.

Bass buttons and new felts on hohner diatonic accordions are regularly done as well. But any brand is serviceable. Talk to Tony if you have any questions about a bass repair.

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