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Meleodeon Key Conversions

Updated: Jan 16

Reedworks is able to convert diatonic button accordions into more suitable keys if you require it. A lot of old Hohner 2-row accordions came in C/C# for example. Or some of the bass layouts do not suit what you may want to play.

Recently we have converted a Hohner Corso C/C# to a G/C layout. Coming soon we have another Corso conversion happening, turning the old classic 2-row/3-voice into a D/G model.

What is super special about this upcoming modification is that we will be using brand new Italian made reeds. The reeds are the same type as used by Castagnari and come from the leading reed maker in Italy, Voci Armoniche.

Reedworks can convert your accordion to a new layout with new Hohner reeds, or with the finest quality Italian made reeds by Voci Armoniche.

Meanwhile, watch for newly refurbished vintage accordions for sale by Reedworks here on the website or on our Reverb shop site.

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