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The Castagnari Trilly Accordion

In June of 2021, Reedworks received delivery of our first Castagnari Trilly accordion. It is a superb looking instrument and sounds just as good too. This model was a D/G, LMM, with third button start. Each of these features - the tuning, button layout etc. was chosen by the customer and the accordion was then built in less than 8 weeks. Shipping from Italy took 2 days to get to Sydney!

Both the treble and bass sides have coupler switches/buttons for taking reeds in and out of your sound. This adds a great deal of colour and versatility to your playing. Every fine detail is a joy to behold. These instruments really are of the finest quality and workmanship. The Trilly is one of Castagnari's best models and the wonderful and unique Paduak wood tops it all off. If you are interested in ordering a Castagnari accordion, or dream of one, just contact me and I am happy to discuss your options.

Inside a Castagnari Trilly accordion, top section
Castagnari Trilly accordion during the build stage

Castagnari Trilly, LMM, D/G, Paduak, Third button start, including case & leather shoulder straps. (RRP AUS$6,895.00), including all taxes, duties, insurance and freight.

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