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Capriccio Accordions - Custom Made In Italy, Available Now In Australia

A really good option for buying a great accordion, and at a good price, is to get a custom made instrument. The Capriccio range of accordions are made in Italy and available through Reedworks.

These accordions are custom made to order from the first to last detail. You can choose the size, tuning, tremolo, button & keyboard layout, colours and finish. All parts and components are made in Italy by Artisans, using only the finest quality workmanship and materials.

All types of accordions are available to order, from chromatic button accordion, piano accordions, or diatonic 1, 2 and 3 row models.

One of the best options in taking this path is that you can select the quality of reed plates you would like to use. And then you can order the tuning to be exactly as you would like it at no extra charge.

Models range from 48 to 120 bass and all sizes in between. Anything you would like is possible. The quality, finish and sound of these two pictured Capriccio accordions, is of the highest quality.

Prices start at approximately the $4,000 mark. Which compared to Chinese made accordions in the Australian market, is superb value! It takes about 6-8 weeks to build your customised accordion and everything is checked out in the reedworks workshop before final delivery.

If you would like to know more, please contact Tony at Reedworks and he will be happy to help you out with anything you want.

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