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Ritter gigbag for all 8-bass and smaller accordions. 2 year warranty on gigbag, including zippers and latches.

Colour: Misty Grey/Tan brown trim.

Swiss designed. Made in the UK and China.

Side entrance.

3x pockets on front.

Shoulder straps fold away.

Shoulder straps and carrying handle.

Antique brass zipper rings and latches.

Other larger sizes available for piano and button accordions (48 bass, 72 bass, 96 bass, 120 bass).

Reedworks is an authorised retailer of Ritter accordion gigbags.

Orders and inquires, email:

Ritter Melodeon Gigbag, for Medium/small Diatonic 8-bass Accordions

  • 2 year warranty, including zippers and latches.

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