Castagnari Dinn III accordion.  C#/D, Cherry, 8 Bass, with Thirds stop button on the bass, leather shoulder straps + hardcase. Two rows, 23 buttons, LMM reed voicing; register button.

25cm x 16.5cm; 3.7kg. Made in Italy.

Castagnari Dinn III, C#/D, Cherry, 8 Bass

Wood Type
Case or Gigbag
  • All brand new accordions sold by Reedworks are checked upon arrival in my repair workshop, ready for delivery to you, in perfect condition.  Accordions have a 1 year factory warranty from time of purchase. If you have any problems or faults with the instrument, contact me first. Do not open up the accordion internally. Unauthorised repairs might negate the warranty. Rest assured you will receive a beautiful hand made , quality instrument. Warranty does not cover tuning. Each warranty assessment is made on an individual basis, based on a technical inspection by a professional accordion tuner/repairer.

    For care, keep your instrument out of extremes of hot or cold air. Do not leave in the car or in direct sunlight for long periods. In colder climates, push some air through your instrument before playing. Break in your new instrument with gentle bellows action, to play your reeds in. Do not get the instrument wet. A gentle wipe down with a clean cotton cloth will keep buttons clean and free.

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