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  • Writer's pictureTony Peri - Owner of Reedworks Pty Ltd

Vintage Larry Adler Chromatic Harmonica -Beyond Repair, or Not?

This harmonica was one of the poorest looking harmonicas I'd seen in over 25 years of repairing Hohner harmonicas. It was rusted out and oxidised. Nothing worked.

My customer asked if I could do anything about fixing it up as it was a favourite harmonica of his. The Hohner Larry Adler Pro 16 harmonica is no longer made. So i took up the challenge.

It really was pretty bad!! First, I had to get it apart to clean it.

It took a lot of work. The old reed plates had nails, not screws. Everything was in a poor state.

But here it is: cleaned, sterilised, fully refurbished and tuned. Its in full playing order. I even found a replacement case.

Anything is possible. It's not always worth it to do. But a lot of people want to keep their heirlooms and a connection to their family history. Drop me a line or message if you want to get your harmonica restored back to playing order.


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