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Reedworks Update January 2022

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Hello folks. It's business as usual here at Reedworks, despite the covid pandemic. I am available by phone or email to discuss any repair or tuning jobs you would like done, on either your accordions or harmonicas. m: 0468402890; e:

I also have second hand and refurbished accordions for sale. When time permits I have been working on some great old instruments, fully restoring them. But I also have had people request that I find them an instrument that they want. Recently I had a customer looking for a Bandoneon, which is on its way to my workshop now as you read this.

If you are in Sydney, Australia, you can drop your instruments into my workshop by appointment. (Please stay covid safe and respect the space). Just ring or email me to make a time that suits. However, I also get a lot of instruments from all around Australia (and sometimes from overseas). Go to my contact page for the addresses to send them to.

Note also that all the manufacturers and parts suppliers are raising their prices in 2022. Shipment times are also very slow out of Germany and the USA at the moment. However, Italy and UK are pretty good. So if I need to get parts or accessories in, that are out of stock, keep that in mind and be patient.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying your music this year. If I can help you realise your musical ambitions, ideas and imagination by repairing, tuning or getting you the instrument you want - please get in touch.

- Tony Peri

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