This instrument comes from a deceased estate. It has recently been serviced and repaired to good playing condition. All reeds and valves are working.


Technician's repair notes:

"Settemio Soprani Piano Accordion, LMM, 37/80, Black, with case: Serviced & cleaned interior and exterior. Removed keyboard and replaced key buffers. Repaired 2 broken keys. Levelled keyboard and regulated pallets. Replaced faulty valves. Spot tuned non working reeds and adjusted. All reeds checked and now working. Replaced bellows gaskets. Replaced treble grill screws. Replaced grill cloth on treble and bass sides. Replaced brackets with accordion strap lugs. Waxed leather straps. Checked and tested." 

- Reedworks (May 2022).

Settimio Soprani Piano Accordion, LMM, 37/80 Bass, Black with Case - Serviced Ma