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Hohner 2-row/ 8-bass Corso button accordion, fully refurbished, with many extras and new straps and hardcase.

This accordion has had a lot of work put into it. It has a 3x voice MMM mussette. It is in the keys of G and C and is made in Germany with extra improved parts from Italy. The reeds are made by Hohner (T-reeds).


Tuned A440Hz (tremolo -8/0/+8). Bass reeds and chords tuned properly, all reeds tuned to an accuracy of 1/100th cents.

New leather and velvet bass strap with hardware (Made in Italy).

New leather bellows straps fitted; new leather and velvet thumb strap fitted (Made in Italy).

New Hohner backpad (Made in Germany).

New grill fitted. New gold grill cloth on bass board. New bass feet.

Reeds serviced, gapped and rewaxed and pinned in.

New bellows gaskets fitted and air button regulated.

The accordion is airtight and plays beautifully. The tuning is spot on.

To buy a new 2 row/3 voice button accordion, made in Italy, France or Germany today you are looking at the $6,000+ mark.

Comes with a brand new hardcase (made in Italy) and 3 month warranty.

For inquiries or any further questions, email Tony at the Reedworks workshop:

Hohner Corso G/C Button Accordion, Overhauled, Tuned,Ready to play! 2-row,8-bass

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